Secure the cold chain and control the traceability of your restaurant

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monitored cold spots

Automated temperature readings

Tired of doing the mandatory HACCP temperature readings? TrustEat automates them for you. No more sticking sheets on the fridge! Find the temperatures of your cold points in one place.

Smart alerts

No more redundant alerts and notifications every time you open the fridge door. The TrustEat application allows you to manage your alert settings. Our intelligent system only notifies you when there is a real problem.


You're still doing traceability on sheet ? Go digital: say goodbye to folders and notebooks. TrustEat offers the traceability of your products for your restaurant, available on our application.

Cleaning plan

Manage your cleaning plan with your employees at a glance. You will be informed about the tasks that have been completed and those that remain to be done. The TrustEat application also allows you to add procedures and take pictures of them.


Peace of mind for your restaurant

Nobody likes HACCP temperature readings. They are poorly done or not done at all.
To make things easier for you, TrustEat sensors (placed in your positive and negative cold spots) measure the temperature for you every 15 minutes.


Prevent fridge problems in your restaurant

Fridge problems can be prevented: the temperatures collected by our sensors are automatically transmitted to the application. It intelligently alerts you (notification, text message, email) if the temperature exceeds the risk thresholds to avoid losing your goods!


History in case of an hygiene inspection

In case of a surprise inspection of the restaurant, you can easily find the history of your temperature readings on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Download the report in one click to certify compliance with the HACCP standard and maintenance of the cold chain. Everything is stored in a reliable and secure database (for over a year).


A professional temperature sensor

TrustEat is better than your fridge thermometer. The professional measuring equipment continuously monitors the temperatures of your fridges. The reliability of the sensors is thought out for your working temperatures (positive and negative): you will have no doubt about your devices. These devices are designed for difficult conditions: they are waterproof (IP65), the batteries are cold resistant, and above all, they belong to you.

Testimonial of Martin, of the Lovibond restaurant in Lille, France

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Adopt TrustEat in your establishment

Adopt TrustEat in your establishment


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