HACCP functions adapted to your needs

An HACCP service made by various modules: automated temperature readings, traceability of your products, collaborative cleaning plan.


TrustEat HACCP service allows you to ensure compliance with HACCP standards in accordance with legislation. It allows you to secure your products and save them in the event of a breakdown in one of your cold spot. The traceability of your goods is also guaranteed via an available functionality as well as access to the cleaning plan.


The EN12830 standard connected sensors, placed in all your cold spots (refrigerator, freezer, positive and negative cold room…) are installed in a few minutes, and measure every 11 minutes the temperature of the cold spot (mandatory for HACCP standards).


Those informations are automatically transmitted to you by our mobile application (Android / iOS), and automatically alert you if the temperature exceeds the risk thresholds. Never throw away your fresh products again, and don’t worry about sanitary controls: rely on TrustEat!

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HACCP service: automated temperature readings

Our HACCP service works with a connected sensor and an HACCP application. The temperature of your fridge is recorded every 11 minutes.

In case of a veterinary control, your readings can be downloaded from the application or the web platform. You will no longer have to take your temperature readings by hand.

HACCP service: smart alerts

Don’t be notified when your staff/customers open the doors too often:

  • settings for each cold spot
  • taking into account defrosting cycles
  • modelling of the core temperature of the products from the air contained in the fridge

Notifications :

  • mobile
  • text messages
  • call
  • mail


HACCP pack

Product traceability


Plan de nettoyage

HACCP records
Your cold spots
in one place
Temperature graphs


iOS, Android and web


HACCP sensors designed for you

HACCP sensors designed for you


Work without internet:
0G network



Easy installation




EN12830 normed


Plug & play

TrustEat mobile application

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TrustEat web platform