HACCP pricing according to the size of your organisation

TrustEat offers you a service package to automate your HACCP temperature readings.
You can also subscribe to the traceability and cleaning plan modules.

Monthly billing

Standard offer
12 per cold spot per month
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Included in the standard offer:


EN 12830 norm (2018) is a French standard with European implementation for temperature monitoring systems for cold chain logistics.

Our sensors are EN12830 approved.

Nothing! Sensors belong to you and are quick and easy to install: 5 minutes per sensor and the measurements start! Of course, you are not alone. If you have any questions, our support team can be reached very quickly.

We use a network similar to the mobile network, called “Sigfox”. This network is used to transmit temperature information. However, it requires good reception (9 out of 10 customers have good reception). This is very useful, especially when you have regular power/internet failures! If the network is not available, then we have a version connected to the internet: a small box to connect to your box, which will retrieve the information from the installed sensors.

As part of the HACCP standards, professionals must take daily temperature readings of their cold spots. The TrustEat service allows you to do this for you, and our application will provide you with all the mandatory temperature records (excel or PDF), to be given in case of an inspection. You can also download the records for analytical purposes.

We ship the sensors (after validated payment of the order) which you will receive within 5 working days to 2 working weeks, ready to install.

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Adopt TrustEat in your establishment