Secure cold spots in food businesses

Automated temperature readings

Tired of doing the mandatory HACCP temperature readings? TrustEat automates them for you. No more sticking sheets on the fridge! Find the temperatures of your cold points in one place.​


You're still doing traceability on sheet ? Go digital: say goodbye to folders and notebooks. TrustEat offers the traceability of your products for your restaurant, available on our application.

HACCP features for food businesses


No need for a technician, our EN12830 sensors are easily installed in less than 5 minutes.

Our service does not need no internet, no wifi network. We work with 0G, you will receive data anywhere in your establishment.


Our smart alerts notify you in case of a real problem (exceeding temperature thresholds). Be notified  in the event of a power failure or when a door has been incorrectly closed.

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Adopt TrustEat in your establishment

Adopt TrustEat in your establishment


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