Control the monitoring of your cold chain

Automate your mandatory temperature readings, secure your cold chain and prove your compliance with HACCP standards.

Cold chain is a critical element in food hygiene.

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of food poisonings are due to failure of the cold chain's respect
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of establishments do not complete readings on a daily basis
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monitored cold spots

Monitoring of the cold chain

Automated temperature readings

To begin with, the EN12830 sensors installed in your cold spots automatically measure the temperature of your cold spots every 15 minutes.

Smart alerts

Secondly, you receive notifications (push notifications, e-mails, text messages) if the temperature thresholds are exceeded and not when the doors are frequently opened.

Cold chain tracking for restaurants

TrustEat helps restaurant owners in monitoring their cold chain. Control all your cold spots (refrigerators, freezers, cold rooms, etc.) easily. Are your HACCP temperature readings poorly done or not done at all? Automate them! In other words, avoiding refrigeration breakdowns has never been easier.

Cold spots safety for food businesses

TrustEat facilitates all types of food businesses in monitoring their products. Our service guarantees continuous temperature monitoring and security: your invested time will not be wasted, you will even gain time. Manage your appliances remotely at any time of the day.

Reducing product waste in supermarkets

Are your mobile bins and storefronts not well-monitored? Are they prone to breakdowns and problems? Take action! TrustEat easily monitors your equipments with the help of connected EN12830 sensors. This is why our application alerts you in case of an incident.

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Adopt TrustEat in your establishment

Adopt TrustEat in your establishment


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